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Internal Network Discovery by ProCheckUp: Illuminating Your Digital Infrastructure

While much emphasis is placed on external threats, an organization's internal network can house vulnerabilities just as critical. ProCheckUp's Internal Network Discovery service provides an in-depth analysis of your internal digital landscape, identifying potential weaknesses and ensuring the integrity of your cyber infrastructure.

Why Internal Network Discovery is Crucial:
With an increase in insider threats, misconfigurations, and intricate network structures, understanding the depths of your internal environment is as critical as defending against external threats.

Dive Deep into Our Comprehensive Internal Network Discovery Process:
Device Mapping

  • Network Scanning: Leveraging state-of-the-art network scanning technologies, we comprehensively map every device on your internal network. This spans servers, workstations, mobile devices, and even the myriad of IoT gadgets.
  • Device Classification: With precision, we classify each identified device, elucidating its specific role and function. This not only brings clarity but also ensures you have full awareness of the digital entities within your organizational ecosystem.
  • Service Enumeration: Each device is a world in itself. We dive into these microcosms to unravel the services and applications they run. In doing so, we spotlight potential service-specific vulnerabilities, ensuring no stone remains unturned.
  • Version Detection: It's not just about knowing your software but understanding its iterations. By discerning software versions, we shine a light on known vulnerabilities, recommending timely updates for fortified security.


Vulnerability Management:

  • Manual Vulnerability Verification: Beyond automated scans, our experts manually validate vulnerabilities. This ensures accuracy and averts false positives.
  • Penetration Testing: Delving deeper, we simulate real-world attacks to test your network's resilience, discovering and addressing exploitable weak points.
  • Vulnerability Analysis: After detection, we meticulously analyze vulnerabilities, offering insights and actionable solutions to fortify your defenses. 

Network Traffic Analysis (optional)

  • Data Flow Monitoring: By observing the flow of data across your internal network, we can detect anomalies, potential data leaks, and unauthorized data transfers.
  • Protocol Analysis: We study the various protocols in use, ensuring they adhere to best security practices and are free from vulnerabilities.

Security Posture Assessment (optional)

  • Misconfiguration Detection: Even minor misconfigurations can open doors to threats. We pinpoint these areas, ensuring your network's defenses are robust.
  • Access Control Review: By analyzing user roles and access rights, we ensure that the principle of least privilege is enforced and that sensitive areas of your network are well-guarded.

Benefits of Our Service:
Gain comprehensive visibility into your internal digital assets.
Identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
Ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices.
Strengthen your overall cyber-security posture.

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