Gold Teaming

Gold Teaming

In the fast-paced and often unpredictable world of cyber-security, the ability to respond effectively to incidents is paramount. Gold Teaming represents a pinnacle in strategic crisis management, focusing on the enhancement of internal and external communications, decision-making processes, and overall crisis management procedures. It involves the mobilization of an organization's senior Crisis Management Team (CMT), or Gold Team, tasked with navigating the complexities of significant incidents that attract public, media, regulator, and stakeholder attention.

The Role of a Gold Team in Crisis Management

A Gold Team's responsibility extends beyond the immediate technical response to a cyber incident. It encompasses the management of communications, the maintenance of public trust, the navigation of regulatory landscapes, and the preservation of stakeholder relationships. The effectiveness of a Gold Team can significantly influence an organisation's resilience and reputation in the face of crisis.

Our Comprehensive Gold Teaming Training

ProCheckUp's incident response offering includes a highly immersive training exercise tailored to place your Gold Team at the core of a major incident. This exercise is designed not only to test but also to refine the skills necessary for mastering ambiguous and challenging crises. Through our bespoke and interactive simulations, organisations can evaluate their crisis management frameworks, encouraging creative problem-solving and a thorough examination of existing protocols.

The Four Phases of Our Gold Team Model

ProCheckUp utilises a standard engagement model for all Gold Teaming engagements using a robust, holistic approach consisting of four phases :-

  • Diagnosis: This initial fact-finding phase is crucial for understanding your current crisis management processes, identifying key personnel, and defining the objectives of the upcoming exercise. It sets the foundation for a tailored training experience that addresses your organization's specific needs.
  • Development: Based on the diagnosis phase, we proceed to create content for the agreed-upon scenarios. This involves the design of multi-channel simulations that reflect potential real-world crises, ensuring a comprehensive testing ground for your Gold Team.
  • Simulation: The delivery of the exercise itself, where your Gold Team is immersed in a simulated crisis environment. This phase challenges the team to apply their skills, make critical decisions, and manage communications under pressure, mirroring the dynamics of an actual incident.
  • Evaluation: Following the simulation, we provide a detailed summary of key learnings and actionable recommendations for next steps. This phase is essential for consolidating the experience, highlighting strengths, and identifying areas for improvement in your crisis management strategy.

Enhancing Decision Making/Communication Through Simulation

Our Gold Teaming exercises are meticulously designed to challenge and refine the core competencies of your crisis management team. By navigating the intricacies of stakeholder management and making critical decisions in a simulated, yet safe environment, your team gains invaluable insights into the dynamics of effective crisis resolution.

Evaluating Your Team's Crisis Management Capabilities

The culmination of our Gold Teaming training is a comprehensive evaluation that not only celebrates your team's achievements but also sets a clear path for continuous improvement. Our goal is to leave your Gold Team more confident, capable, and prepared to handle any crisis with poise and strategic foresight.

In conclusion, ProCheckUp's Gold Teaming services offer a unique opportunity to elevate your organization's crisis management capabilities. Through our immersive simulations and expert guidance, your Gold Team will emerge stronger, more cohesive, and ready to lead in times of crisis.

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