Gold Teaming

Gold Teaming

Gold teaming identifies improvements in your internal and external communications, crisis management procedures and decision making...

The response to a cyber incident requires an organisation’s most senior CMT, or a Gold Team, to manage a situation with high levels of interest from the public, media, regulators and other stakeholders.

As part of our incident response offering, we offer a highly immersive training exercise that puts your Gold Team at the heart of a major incident. This allows them to develop and practise their skills while mastering an ambiguous and challenging crisis in a safe environment.

Our bespoke and highly interactive exercise enables organisations to test their existing crisis knowledge, processes and protocols. The demands of internal and external stakeholder management will challenge them and allow both creative thinking and the examination of internal processes


ProCheckUp utilises a standard engagement model for all Gold Teaming engagements using a robust, holistic approach consisting of four phases as defined below: -


A fact-finding stage to understand existing processes, identify relevant personnel and define the objectives of the exercise.


Content creation of the agreed scenario(s) for the multi-channel simulation.


Delivery of the exercise itself.


Summary of key learnings and clear next step recommendations.

ProCheckUp Engagement lifecycle

Procheckup utilises a standard engagement model for all engagements which is defined below: -

Offering - Activities that take place before the execution of a consultancy assignment:

  • Pre-sales and identification of client needs;
  • Creation of an agreement, typically covering: - Context of the work - Services and deliverables - Approach and work plan - Roles and responsibilities. 

Execution - Delivery of the services agreed at the offering stage to satisfy the client:

  • Refining the work plan;
  • Implementing the agreed work plan;
  • Assignment of staff, management and mentoring;
  • Approval and acceptance. 

Closure - Activities that take place at the end of a consultancy assignment:

  • Final client evaluation and agreement that the service has been delivered;
  • Conclusion of obligations;
  • Finalising payment;
  • Any subsequent improvements to the service.



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