ProCheckUp's Cybersecurity Engagement Process

Your security is our mission. With a designated account manager and a technical expert, ProCheckUp supports and guides your enterprise from the initial touch-point to final remediation. Dive into our meticulous and client-centric process:

Initial Enquiry:
Connect with us. Let's discuss and understand your security concerns, business necessities, and unique challenges.

Project Scoping:
We invest time in understanding the risks associated with your systems and networks. Here, we'll define the scope, testing types, and delivery timelines, culminating in a comprehensive technical proposal.

At ProCheckUp, we merge the best of commercial, open-source, and custom tools. Our dual approach—both automated and manual—ensures a holistic security review, mimicking potential attackers' techniques.

Trust our seasoned consultants to unearth vulnerabilities arising from configurations, hardware, software, or process gaps. Throughout the test, we'll maintain open communication, swiftly highlighting and advising on critical risks.

Report Submission:
Receive a comprehensive report, detailing your security landscape. From executive summaries to in-depth vulnerability analyses, we customize our reports based on your needs. Our 'traffic light' system emphasizes prioritized actions.

Ongoing Support:
Need clarity post-assessment? Let's converse. Our team is ready to clarify findings and provide insights into remediation strategies.

ProCheckUp Engagement lifecycle

Procheckup utilises a standard engagement model for all engagements which is defined below: -

Offering - Activities that take place before the execution of a consultancy assignment:

  • Pre-sales and identification of client needs;
  • Creation of an agreement, typically covering: - Context of the work - Services and deliverables - Approach and work plan - Roles and responsibilities. 

Execution - Delivery of the services agreed at the offering stage to satisfy the client:

  • Refining the work plan;
  • Implementing the agreed work plan;
  • Assignment of staff, management and mentoring;
  • Approval and acceptance. 

Closure - Activities that take place at the end of a consultancy assignment:

  • Final client evaluation and agreement that the service has been delivered;
  • Conclusion of obligations;
  • Finalising payment;
  • Any subsequent improvements to the service.

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