Incident Response

Cyber attacks and data breaches can cause both short and long-term damage on a financial, branding and customer level.

If you have recently been a victim of a cyber attack, ProCheckUp's CSIR-accredited consultants will be able to provide immediate, rapid, and tailored assistance in identifying and containing attacks, as well as minimizing the business impact.

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Intrusion Analysis

ProCheckUp will undertake Network and Host Intrusion analyses immediately after an incident as part of an incident response plan. However, these exercises can also be conducted regularly to detect any possible compromise within a defined date range. Read more...

Organisations rarely have an adequate incident response plan in place to prepare for any unprecedented system and network compromise. ProCheckUp can provide proactive and reactive incident response services to support an organisation before, during and after a computer security incident as well as helping determine the best implementation for system monitoring across the network. Read more...

Our consultants have a vast experience in the area of computer and mobile forensics, data recovery and data discovery. Read more...

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