Penetration Testing And Security Audit

Penetration Testing And Security Audits

Today's cyber threat landscape is becoming limitless and is constantly evolving. Organisations must understand the risks and impacts while demonstrating they are resilient and compliant with market security standards.

In today's increasingly digital world, ensuring the safety and integrity of your organization's data, assets, and networks is paramount. The security landscape is always evolving, and with it, the potential risks that threaten the very heart of your business. ProCheckUp's Penetration Testing services are meticulously designed to keep you one step ahead of those risks.

Why Is a Penetration Test Crucial?

Every organisation, irrespective of its size or the nature of its business, has something valuable that malicious actors may target: data. This data, if breached, can result in significant financial losses, damage to your brand's reputation, and potential legal consequences.

Why Choose ProCheckUp for Your Cybersecurity Needs

Choosing ProCheckUp means partnering with a proven leader with over 25 years experience. Our CREST and NCSC endorsements reflect our commitment to delivering top-tier cyber services across various sectors. We offer flexible, cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs and budgets of our clients, ensuring continuous improvement.

Our Comprehensive Security Audit Process

ProCheckUp's Security Audit offers a holistic examination of your organization's IT infrastructure, processes, and policies. Our approach is segmented into key stages:

1. Initial Assessment

At this crucial first stage, we invest our time and expertise to understand your organization's operational intricacies. By gaining insights into your systems and their configurations, we can map out the security landscape that's specific to your business environment.

Key Components:

  • Inventory of Assets: Identifying and categorizing all IT assets.
  • Threat Modeling: Recognizing potential threats specific to your industry and operations.
  • Risk Analysis: Calculating the potential impact and likelihood of identified threats.

2. Penetration Testing

Beyond mere vulnerability assessments, our penetration testing simulates real-world attack scenarios. This hands-on approach helps us identify not just potential weaknesses but also understand their exploitability in real-time scenarios.

Key Highlights:

  • External & Internal Network Testing: Ensuring defenses are strong both externally and internally.
  • Application Testing: Inspecting the security posture of your proprietary and third-party applications.
  • Social Engineering Tests: Evaluating the human element by simulating phishing attacks, baiting, and more.

3. Review of Policies and Procedures

The most sophisticated technology can be rendered ineffective without the right policies in place. We delve into your organization's documentation to ensure that your policies aren't just robust but also actively practiced.

Aspects Reviewed:

  • Password Policies: Ensuring strong authentication practices.
  • Incident Response Plan: Verifying the readiness of your organization in case of a breach.
  • Regular Audit Schedules: Ensuring that internal audits are frequent and thorough.

4. User Access and Control Review

One of the most overlooked areas in cybersecurity is the proper management of user rights. We meticulously assess who has access to what, ensuring that there's no excessive access or potential for internal threats.

Key Areas:

User Role Definitions: Ensuring clarity in roles and corresponding access.
Access Logs Review: Regularly monitoring logs to detect any anomalies.
Two-Factor Authentication: Verifying if critical systems have added layers of security.

5. Network Analysis

Here, we dive into the very nerves of your organization – the networks. We examine the infrastructure, ensuring there's no room for breaches, whether external or internal.


  • Traffic Analysis: Monitoring the flow of data to ensure no malicious activity.
  • Firewall and IDS/IPS Review: Ensuring that the first line of defense is optimally configured.
  • Wireless Network Security: Ensuring that Wi-Fi networks are secure and have no vulnerabilities

6. Endpoint Security Assessment

Endpoint devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets can often be the weakest link. We evaluate the security of these devices, ensuring they're fortified against threats when connected to the network.

Key Areas:

  • Device Encryption: Confirming data remains confidential even if the device is lost.
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware Solutions: Verifying up-to-date and efficient protective software.
  • Patch Management: Making sure devices are updated with the latest security patches.

7. Cloud and Virtual Environment Security

With organizations increasingly moving to cloud-based solutions, it's essential to ensure these environments are not vulnerable. We evaluate cloud configurations, permissions, and the general security stance.

Focus Points:

  • Container Security: Inspection of Docker, Kubernetes, and other container technologies.
  • Access Management in the Cloud: Review of permissions and roles in platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Virtual Network Configurations: Analyzing the safety of data in transit and at rest.

8. Data Protection and Privacy

Ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential is paramount. We examine how data is stored, processed, and transmitted, ensuring compliance with global data protection regulations.

Essentials Covered:

  • GDPR and CCPA Compliance: Evaluating data processes in line with global standards.
  • Data Masking and Tokenization: Ensuring sensitive data isn't easily accessible.
  • Encryption Standards: Assessing the strength and effectiveness of encryption algorithms in use.

9. Training and Awareness

The human element is a pivotal part of the cybersecurity puzzle. We assess the organization's cybersecurity awareness levels and recommend tailor-made training modules.


  • Phishing Awareness: Understanding employee responses to simulated phishing attempts.
  • Regular Training Modules: Offering up-to-date security training solutions.
  • Crisis Management Workshops: Training teams to react appropriately during a security incident.

10. Reporting and Actionable Insights

At the culmination of our audit, we don't just leave you with a list of vulnerabilities. We provide detailed, understandable reports and prioritize actions, ensuring a clear path to a more secure environment.


  • Vulnerability Summary: A concise list of all detected issues.
  • Remediation Steps: Detailed guidance on rectifying detected vulnerabilities.
  • Post-Audit Support: Continued assistance to ensure seamless security improvements.

Features Of Our Penetration Tests

  • Industry Expertise: Our team comprises professionals with vast experience in cyber defense, ensuring you receive an audit of the highest caliber.
  • Tailored Solutions: Recognizing that each organization is unique, our audits are customized to cater specifically to your requirements.
  • Detailed Reporting: Post-audit, we provide exhaustive reports detailing findings, potential impacts, and recommended mitigation strategies.
  • Continuous Support: Our relationship doesn't end with the audit; we offer continued support to ensure that your organization remains secure.

Ensuring Compliance

In an environment rife with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, our Penetration Tests also ensures that your organization is compliant with prevailing legal and industry standards, minimizing any potential legal ramifications.

Why Regular Security Audits are Imperative

In a rapidly evolving digital world, threats constantly adapt and find new avenues to breach defenses. Regular security audits ensure that organizations stay ahead of potential attackers, ensuring continuous trust from clients and stakeholders.

Our Penetration Testing services range includes:

ProCheckUp offers a wide range of web application auditing services from standard web browser applications, mobile applications, thick client applications as well as web services API. Read more...

Citrix is widely used to allow secure program access to remote users. However, these environments are often misconfigured and can be difficult to secure without fully assessing the requirements, permissions and implementation of the Citrix server. Read more...

Servers are the main focus of attention for an attacker as this is where the most sensitive information traditionally resides. Read more...

We combine the team’s methodologies with the CHECK requirements outlined by NCSC for CHECK engagements in order to provide high quality services and deliverables. Read more...

The advantages of cloud based IT infrastructure are undeniable: reduced capital expenditure, greater scalability, and guaranteed uptime, just some of the reasons businesses are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Read more...

A security review of a company laptop or mobile device requires a tester to assess the security of the device hardware, operating system, applications and locally stored data for potential vulnerabilities. Read more...

In order for an organisation to function efficiently and securely, and to ensure the confidentiality, infrastructure, data, integrity and availability of its network, the entire environment needs to be regularly assessed to ensure that all vulnerabilities are identified, prioritised and the appropriate actions are taken to ensure their resolution. Read more...

ProCheckUp's Mobile Application Testing Service meticulously probes into potential vulnerabilities in your mobile apps, ensuring they are fortified against threats.Read more...

Red/Blue/Purple Teaming

For the most authentic penetration test simulation, a technique known as Red Teaming, where the testers simulate what an attacker in the real world would do, would be the ideal solution.Read more...

Social Engineering

ProCheckUp's Social Engineering Services focus on the human aspect of cyber-security, offering tailored tests to identify vulnerabilities and bolster awareness. From phishing to on-premise breach simulations, we cover all facets of human-centered threats.. Read more...

Secure your supply chain with ProCheckUp's comprehensive cyber-security services. From vendor risk assessments to in-depth technical evaluations, we ensure every link in your chain is robust against evolving cyber threats. ! Read more...

To provide assurance over how these wireless networks affect the overall security posture of an organisation, ProCheckUp can perform a series of simulated attacks on the corporate Wi-Fi, including Denial of Service (DoS), authentication enumeration and attempts to access wired Ethernet based networks which should be inaccessible from the wireless networks. Read more...

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