In today's digital era, cyber-security is not restricted to a specific domain. From banking to government and healthcare, every sector is at risk and requires tailored security solutions. Here's a deeper look into the industries we serve:

1. Financial Services
Quick Definition: Institutions that provide monetary transactions, including banks, investment houses, and insurance companies.

Detailed Description: Financial services hold a trove of sensitive information, from personal identity details to transaction histories. With the rise in digital banking, investment platforms, and online insurance services, securing this information has never been more paramount. Our cyber-security solutions for this sector aim to protect against data breaches, identity theft, and fraudulent activities, ensuring compliance with regulations and preserving customer trust.

Financial Services Cybersecurity Strategies


2. Healthcare
Quick Definition: Entities that offer medical services, health insurance, or manufacture medical equipment and drugs.

Detailed Description: The healthcare industry is an attractive target for cyber-criminals due to its vast reservoir of personal, medical, and financial data. With the integration of digital tools in healthcare, there's an urgent need to protect patient records, hospital systems, and connected medical devices from threats. Our dedicated solutions in this realm focus on preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of health-related information.

Healthcare Cyber-security Strategies

3. Central Government
Quick Definition: The governing body at the highest level of a nation, responsible for implementing policies, laws, and administrative decisions.

Detailed Description: National security doesn't just involve borders and military; it's equally about securing digital infrastructure. The central government manages a significant amount of classified information, citizen data, and more. Ensuring the digital safety of this information is crucial. Our cyber-security services for the central government provide advanced threat protection, compliance solutions, and more to secure a nation's digital frontier.

Central Government Digital Defense Strategies

4. Local Government
Quick Definition: Governing bodies that operate at a local or municipal level, managing community resources and infrastructure.

Detailed Description: Local governments have the intricate task of managing resources, utilities, community services, and more. With digital tools streamlining many of these tasks, the data and systems become potential targets. We offer tailored solutions to protect this tier of governance, ensuring uninterrupted service to the community.

Sub Page: Local Government Cyber Protection


5. Retail and E-commerce
Quick Definition: Businesses that sell goods directly to consumers, either through physical outlets or online platforms.

Detailed Description: The retail and e-commerce sectors handle countless transactions daily, making them lucrative targets for cyber threats. Breaches can lead to substantial financial losses and a damaged reputation. Our solutions ensure secure payment gateways, protection against DDoS attacks, and safeguarding customer data, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Sub Page: Cyber-security for Retail & E-commerce

6. Manufacturing
Quick Definition: Industries involved in producing goods from raw materials through various processes, machinery, and operations.

Detailed Description: As manufacturing becomes increasingly digitized with the integration of IoT devices and Industry 4.0 initiatives, the attack surface expands. We offer specialized cyber-security solutions for manufacturing units, focusing on protecting intellectual properties, machinery controls, and supply chain data.

Sub Page: Secure Manufacturing Operations

7. Energy and Utilities
Quick Definition: Entities involved in the production and distribution of energy, including electricity, natural gas, and water.

Detailed Description: The energy and utilities sector is undergoing a digital transformation, integrating smart grids, IoT devices, and advanced metering infrastructure. This evolution, while revolutionary, brings its set of cyber challenges. Our services ensure that energy production and distribution occur without disruptions, guarding against potential cyber-attacks.

Sub Page: Cyber-security for Energy & Utilities

8. Education
Quick Definition: Institutions that provide learning environments and spaces, ranging from primary schools to universities.

Detailed Description: With virtual classrooms, online portals, and digitized administrative operations, the education sector is more online than ever before. Protecting student data, research materials, and academic resources is crucial. We deliver solutions tailored to educational institutions, ensuring a safe learning environment.

Sub Page: Digital Safeguarding in Education

9. Transportation and Logistics
Quick Definition: Entities involved in the movement of people or goods, including aviation, rail, and shipping.

Detailed Description: As transportation industries embrace digital tools for operations, ticketing, and tracking, the risk profile changes. Cyberattacks can disrupt essential services, causing significant public and economic impacts. Our cyber-security strategies for this sector prioritize continuous service, passenger safety, and data protection.

Sub Page: Securing Transportation Networks

10. Telecommunications

Quick Definition: Companies that provide services such as phone, internet, and cable television.

Detailed Description: Telecommunication networks form the backbone of our digital society. Ensuring these networks are immune to cyber threats is paramount. Our services for this sector focus on safeguarding infrastructure, protecting user data, and ensuring uninterrupted communication services.

Sub Page: Telecommunications Cyber Defense

11. Real Estate and Property Management
Quick Definition: Businesses involved in owning, managing, renting, buying, and selling real estate properties.

Detailed Description: As real estate goes digital with virtual tours, online transactions, and smart building technologies, there's an increased risk from cyber threats. Our solutions are tailored to protect property data, ensure secure online transactions, and safeguard smart technologies integrated into modern properties.

Sub Page: Protecting Digital Real Estate Operations

12. Media and Entertainment
Quick Definition: Entities involved in producing, broadcasting, and distributing content, including films, TV shows, music, and online content.

Detailed Description: In an age of digital streaming and online content consumption, media entities are vulnerable to breaches that can disrupt services, leak content, or compromise user data. Our tailored solutions ensure that content remains protected and that users can securely and reliably access media platforms.

Sub Page: Ensuring Safe Content Production and Distribution

ProCheckUp Engagement lifecycle

Procheckup utilises a standard engagement model for all engagements which is defined below: -

Offering - Activities that take place before the execution of a consultancy assignment:

  • Pre-sales and identification of client needs;
  • Creation of an agreement, typically covering: - Context of the work - Services and deliverables - Approach and work plan - Roles and responsibilities. 

Execution - Delivery of the services agreed at the offering stage to satisfy the client:

  • Refining the work plan;
  • Implementing the agreed work plan;
  • Assignment of staff, management and mentoring;
  • Approval and acceptance. 

Closure - Activities that take place at the end of a consultancy assignment:

  • Final client evaluation and agreement that the service has been delivered;
  • Conclusion of obligations;
  • Finalising payment;
  • Any subsequent improvements to the service.


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