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ProCheckUp is a London-based independent provider of cyber security services, including IT Security, Assurance, Compliance and Incident Response. We commenced offering Penetration Testing and Compliance services in 1999, and have since developed a wider portfolio of enterprise-wide security and consulting services to help customers comprehensively handle the information security challenges of today.



Penetration testing


Penetration testing

Pinpoint Risks, Forge Strong Security Tactics with Penetration Testing.



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ProCheckUp blogs

Tuesday, 13 February 2024 by Rebecca Dunlop

Securing Voice: Pentesting IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Systems

Explore cutting-edge IVR system security testing by ProCheckUp, revealing vulnerabilities and enhancing defenses. Our unique approach uncovers critical gaps in IVR systems, crucial for banking and healthcare, through bespoke penetration testing. Discover our strategies for mitigating risks, includin ...

Tuesday, 6 February 2024 by Procheckup Team

2023 Annual Review of Cybersecurity Trends and Insights

Discover ProCheckUp Ltd's 2023 insights on UK cyber-security, highlighting the prevalence of security misconfigurations and the importance of data integrity. Our report details emerging threats and offers tailored mitigation strategies. Client testimonials underscore our impact on industry leaders. ...

Friday, 19 January 2024 by Richard Brain

AI in 2024: Beyond Boundaries - The Next Leap in Cyber-security and Innovation

At the start of 2024, we reflect on the transformative journey of AI in the past year. The AI landscape has evolved rapidly, bringing innovations once considered science fiction into reality. For ProCheckUp a leader in cyber-security, adapting to these changes is crucial for staying ahead in a tech- ...


Incident Response Information and Assistance

Since 2001, ProCheckUp, has conducted incident response investigations across all industries, organization sizes, and technical environments. If your organization needs immediate assistance for a possible incident or security breach please contact us by completing the form on the right or calling us at one of our incident response lines listed below. You can also email our incident response team at investigations@ProCheckUp.com.

Once we receive your request, a ProCheckUp consultant will contact you to discuss your inquiry.