Triton ATM Machine Teardown


Here we look at the internals of a Triton ATM machine, the machine which we are investigating is the standalone ATM type manufactured by Triton.

Front Back

Exterior shots

Step 1

To access the base compartment, the base has to be unlocked. The plastic cover can then be hinged outward, displaying the inner safe.


Step 2

Entering the correct access code into the safe lock, giving access to the cash dispenser mechanism itself:-

Looking at the interior of the door we can see the cabling to the door lock. Along with the heavy duty metalwork, needed to protect the cash dispenser.

 Step 3

Looking at the exposed cash dispensing mechanism itself:-

To access the cash trays, the mechanism is unlocked by pulling a pin and rotating it in a circle:-

Until the cash dispensing tray itself is exposed, with the top tray used for storing rejected notes:-

A close up of the cash tray mechanism is shown below:-

Step 5

To access the top compartment, it is unlocked and pulled out. Displaying the controller, keyboard module, card reader and the receipt printer:-

Disassembling the above assemblies further, we can better understand their construction like the keyboard module below:-

And the printer board:-

The card reader:-

The power supply:-

Originally housed in a screened metal case is the processor module:-

The processor module runs WinCE OS, and uses the Z84C9010VSC processor. Various peripheral chips drive the printer, keyboard, screen and card reader.

Step 6

Putting it back together, does it still boot? (yes but it is running low on paper):-