ProCheckUp Establish Vulnerability Reporting

London, UK - 16 February 2005

ProCheckUp, an award-winning provider of penetration testing services, and NISCC, the UK National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre have today announced a partnership for the responsible co-ordination and disclosure of ProCheckUp's vulnerability research.

Since 2001 ProCheckUp have co-ordinated with the CERT/CC team in Pittsburgh USA to publish security advisories at their website

However, late in 2004 ProCheckUp had twenty-two unreleased advisories affecting five vendors and felt that an alternative solution was required for the responsible co-ordination and disclosure of its vulnerability discoveries.

ProCheckUp Technical Director, Richard Brain said: "We are delighted to now be working alongside NISCC and have been very impressed with their approach. We look forward to a long-term relationship as ProCheckUp remain committed to the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities".

NISCC Director Roger Cumming said: "Responsible vulnerability disclosure is one of the key touchstones of our business. We have invested a lot of time, effort and money in developing procedures and mechanisms to achieve this. By working closely with ProCheckUp we hope to harness their expertise to enhance the resilience of the UK CNI and other critical infrastructure networks around the world."

About ProCheckUp

A leading independent specialist security organisation, ProCheckUp was formed in 2000 to provide a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) based penetration testing service to the corporate market.

Since then the company has enjoyed significant commercial and technological success, and received Royal recognition in April 2004 by winning the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation, the UK's highest accolade for business performance.

ProCheckUp are service providers to some of the world's leading finance and banking organisations, international law firms and FTSE 100 companies.

About ProCheckNet

ProCheckUp has adopted the methodology of conventional penetration testing and combined it with the functionality of a distributed automated attack system called ProCheckNet.

ProCheckNet automates the complex processes and decision making associated with a manual penetration testing team. It builds customised exploits in an entirely safe manner to achieve a level of testing unrivalled by conventional approaches. Complimented with features such as real time encapsulated exploits, firewall and IDS bypass, ProCheckNet is a revolutionary attack system. Companies that require the highest level of security assurance utilise ProCheckNet to test all their internal and externally facing IT infrastructure including brochure ware, E-commerce websites, RAS, VPN's, Mailservices, DNS and even entirely bespoke applications.

ProCheckUp Contact Details

Charlotte Davies, Marketing Manager.
T: 020 7307 5001 E: