Hacking Generative AI at Cyber Leaders Summit


At this year's National Cyber Security Show, Daniel Byrne, Special Projects Manager at ProCheckUp, will address one of the most pressing issues facing the tech community: the potential for generative AI applications to be exploited by malicious actors.

Scheduled for May 1st from 16:00 to 16:30 at the Cyber Leaders Summit, Byrne's talk titled "Hacking Generative AI Applications" promises to shed light on the vulnerabilities and risks associated with large language model (LLM) enabled applications. As businesses integrate these advanced AI systems into their operations, understanding and mitigating these risks is paramount.

Future Implications

Byrne's presentation comes at a critical time when businesses are increasingly adopting AI-driven solutions. His insights will not only highlight the potential dangers but also pave the way for more secure and resilient AI implementations.

"I’m excited to be speaking at the National Cyber Security Show 2024. This platform provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss how hackers can use AI to enhance their offensive capabilities and the techniques for directly attacking AI-based applications," said Byrne.

About the Event

The National Cyber Security Show 2024, taking place from April 30th to May 2nd at the NEC in Birmingham, is set to be a convergence point for cybersecurity professionals from around the globe. The event will feature a series of talks, workshops, and networking opportunities, all aimed at addressing the current and future challenges in the field of cybersecurity.


With the proliferation of generative AI across various business applications, understanding how these systems can be exploited is crucial. Daniel Byrne’s talk at the Cyber Leaders Summit is expected to provide deep insights into these emerging threats and offer actionable strategies for enhancing AI security. Don’t miss this pivotal session if you are attending the National Cyber Security Show 2024.