Vulnerability found:
30 January 2010
Vendor informed:
01 February 2010
Severity level:
Richard Brain of ProCheckUp Ltd (
3Com's iMC (Intelligent Management Centre) provides professional management of 3Com and third party network devices, the IMC is normally accessed using a web browser over port 8080.Procheckup has discovered that the IMC management console is vulnerable to a unauthenticated directory traversal attack within the reporting functionality.

Note: tested on 3COM IMC running on Windows and Microsoft SQL 2005

Version 3.3.9 R2 606 29 Sept 2009
Version 3.3 SP1 R2 606 15 Dec 2009
Proof of concept:
The following demonstrate the traversal flaw:

1) Vulnerable to directory traversal\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\windows\win.ini\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\windows\win.ini%00reports&fileName=reportParaExample.xml

Directory traversal allows Files to be retrieved from the target server outside the webroot, provided that the location on the file system is known. No authentication is required to exploit this vulnerability.
How to fix:
Ensure that at least patch 3.3SP2 (R2606P13) has been installed.
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