Vulnerability found:
12 September 2006
Vendor informed:
12 May 2007
Severity level:
Adrian Pastor [adrian.pastor [at]] and Jan Fry [jan.fry [at]] from ProCheckUp Ltd ( ProCheckUp thanks BEA for working with us.
BEA Plumtree portal is vulnerable to a internal hostname disclosure vulnerability.
The internal hostname of the server hosting BEA Plumtree portal is always

included at the bottom of every requested HTML page within HTML comments.


This information could be useful to a malicious user attempting to gain illegal access to resources on internal systems.
By following internal hostname naming conventions, an attacker could predict other internal hostnames as well. For instance, if Plumtree portal is running on a server with an internal hostname of websvr01, an attacker could predict other internal hostnames such as websvr01, websvr02, websvr03 and so on.

Vendor Status


CVE reference

CVE Candidate
Not assigned


BEA Plumtree 5.0.2, 5.0.3, 5.0.4, and possibly other versions.
Proof of concept:
The following is an example of the internal hostname of Plumtree server disclosed

within HTML comments:
<!--Hostname: websvr01-->
How to fix:
This has been addressed in AquaLogic Interaction 6.1. MP1. This can also be addressed by making config changes in ALUI 6.x versions.
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