GDPR Webinars

GDPR Events – Demystification & Implementation – 

In March 2017, ProCheckUp has  launched a series of events around the Demystification and Implementation of the GDPR.
Hosted by experts from Legal & Compliance, Information Security and Data Protection, these interactive sessions feature presentations and discussions on:

  • The global scope of GDPR and the challenges of implementation
  • How to overcome existing process inadequacy
  • Data protection & processing: responsibility and ownership
  • How to effect critical organisational change
  • What can be learned from previous regulatory implementation
  • The hand in hand relationship with data protection compliance and security


These events included a seminar at the Ivy with an expert panel discussion on 27th March 2017, as well as 2 webinars.

Our next GDPR webinar will be held on Thursday 15th June, 11:00-12:00 BST. To know more and register, go to the event page

More updated webinars and other events will follow throughout the year. For more information, email