Hackers Trivia Challenge - Answers

Thank you to all those who attempted the Trivia Challenge last week at Bsides - we hope you had as much fun playing it as we did building it!

As promised, the answers to the questions (Click on answers for more info!)


Q1: What year did the famous PHRACK article “Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit" by Aleph One get released?

1) 1998

2) 1337

3) 1996 

4) 1990


Q2: What is the name of the OVER HYPED bug that was released this year by Stefan Methzmacher?


2) Sadlock

3) Badlock



Q3: Microsoft released LAPS last year.  What does LAPS stand for?

1) Local Attacker Prevention Solution

2) Low Area Primary Service

3) Last Attack Perimeter Service

4) Local Administrator Password Solution


Q4: DC4420 London occurs in which pub on the last Tuesday of the month?

1) The Black Lion

2) The Phoenix

3) Holborn Whippet

4) Coach & Horses


Q5: Old School hackers would use BBS to play games and transfer warez. What does BBS stand for?

1) Basic Bulletin System

2) Bare Bones Service

3) Basic Blog Server

4) Bulletin Board System


Q6: What was Angelina Jolie's hacker handle in Hackers (1995)?

1) Acid Burn

2) Crash Override

3) Dark Destroyer

4) Lord Nikon


Q7: The exploit mitigation ASLR tries to prevent successful exploitation by doing which of the following?

1) Non Executable Stack + Heap

2) Randomising memory addresses

3) Adding a canary

4) Detecting vulnerable functions in the source code


Q8: What encryption algorithm does WPA2 utilise?

1) AES

2) DES

3) RC4

4) MD5


Q9: What is the RFC number for the Echo Protocol?

1) 862

2) 962

3) 1298

4) 478


Q10: The Hacker's Manifesto by The Mentor is from which PHRACK issue?

1) 1

2) 4

3) 7

4) 13


Q 11: What is the decimal value of 11011010?

1) 27

2) 279

3) 89

4) 218


Q12: What ICMP standard for?

1) Internal Communication Message Protocol

2) Internet Control Message Protocol

3) Integrated Control Message Protocol

4) Internet Communication Message Protocol


A bit of stats for those who are interested- the fastest time was 43.330s and the highest amount of questions answered correctly was 10 of 12!

Thanks again for playing, hope you learned something new (or at least interesting!)