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PR07-12 - Cross-domain redirect on Sun Java System Identity Manager 6.0/7.x

Vulnerability found:
11 June 2007
Vendor informed:
18 June 2007
Severity level:
Jan Fry and Adrian Pastor of ProCheckUp Ltd ( ProCheckUp thanks Sun for working with us.
Sun Java System Identity Manager is vulnerable to cross-domain redirects within the "nextPage" parameter processed by the "/idm/user/login.jsp" server-side script.


Attackers can redirect victim users to third-party sites after a successful logon. Such behaviour can help attackers perform phishing attacks.

The following attack scenario has been provided:

1. Victim user is emailed a specially crafted URL

2. Victim user trusts the URL because it contains the legitimate domain name and the browser reports a valid SSL certificate

3. Users logs in successfully

4. User is redirected to a malicious third-party site where he/she is asked to re-enter his/her credentials because an "authentication failure" has ocurred

5. User credentials are then forwarded to a third-party site and captured by the attacker
Successfully tested on
{att:bold}- Server environment{att:/bold}

Sun Java System Identity Manager 6.0 (20061212 SP 2)


Apache Tomcat/5.0.28

{att:bold}- Client environment{att:/bold}

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11

Sun has confirmed the following products to be affected by this issue:

Sun Java System Identity Manager 6.0, Sun Java System Identity Manager 7.0, Sun Java System Identity Manager 7.1


Proof of concept:
The provided PoC URLs redirect users to a third-party site ( in this case) after a successful logon:


How to fix:
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